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The multiplayer TPS game of UGC mode
consists of elements like MOBA, RPG, Roguelike and Social.

Superpower Squad

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Super hot shot

Multiple game modes
for you to play with your squad!


Death Match

Fight everyone

Zombies Crisis

Survive hordes of zombies

Gem Battle

Help your team grab more gems

Emergency Action

Get supplies

Kings of
the Battle

Parachute, win, earn

Get heroes and weapons NFTS.
Upgrade your NFTS rarities!

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Milestone Q1
Game Art Design
Core Gameplay


Milestone Q2

Battle Maps Design
Hero Design
Alpha Demo


Milestone Q3

Game Mode: Gem Battle
Team Battle


Milestone Q4

Ranking System

Milestone Q1
Game Mode: Battle Royale
Social System
Beta Demo


Milestone Q2

Game Mode: Death Match
Guild System
NFT Marketplace


Milestone Q3

Game Mode: Survival Challenge
Game Mode: Zombie Crisis
Game Mode: Interstellar Treasure


Milestone Q4

Initial NFT Sale
Token Generation Event
Initial Launchpad Offering
Integrate custodial wallets
Launch P2E Battle Royal Mode

Milestone Q1
Launch Influencer Campaigns
Launch advanced NFT Skins


Milestone Q2

Ranking Gameplay


Milestone Q3

Home System


Milestone Q4

UGC Tools



Is the game free?

Superpower Squad is completely free-to-play, we will never charge for you to enjoy the game!

We offer Heroes and Weapons NFT that can be purchased to bring extra rewards such as token bonuses.

Note: Free Heroes/Weapons are not eligible for getting token rewards.

What's UGC?

UGC stands for User Generated Content, we want to empower players to create content for Superpower Squad. In our UGC Platform you will be able to create maps, heroes and weapons NFT and share with players, you will also get rewards!

Where to download the game?

The BETA version is online, you can download and play it via App Store or Google Play.

Which chain does this game support?

Superpower Squad is supported on SPS Chain (BAS).

Do you have any social media that I can follow?

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